What will you spend? What can you earn money from?

By Lindy Sharpe

Like us, you probably had the idea of having a Seed Swap without giving much thought to the financial side of it. But putting on an event usually costs money, and the catch is that the expenses often arise before any money has been earned. (This is where small grants can be really useful - see our Fundraising page). You need the event to make enough money to cover its costs. As your Seed Swap gets bigger, it will generate more money. But as a Seed Swap organizer, you need to be prepared to use your powers of persuasion, and your conviction that seed swapping is a good cause, to prevail on people to let you have their help, facilities or goods free or at a knockdown price.

The first seed swap is almost always achieved on a shoestring. Charge an entry fee, and charge stallholders a fee. If people don't have seeds to swap ask for a donation (say 50p).

Keeping track of your group's finances is very important. Decide who will be responsible - the Treasurer. At every meeting, this person should provide a summary of financial transactions that have taken place since the previous meeting - income, payments and bills received - with a tally of how much is in the kitty. Get a cash book and write everything down in it - don't rely on scraps of paper. And make it a rule not to pay out any money, whatever the sum, without a receipt. Keep the receipts in a labeled envelope. You may want to open a bank account for the Seed Swap.

Expect to have to pay out for:

  • Deposits (for venue and equipment)
  • Venue hire
  • Equipment hire (eg, tables, projectors, crockery)
  • Speaker and volunteer expenses (eg, travel, meals)
  • Printing of posters, flyers, etc
  • Out-of-pocket expenses (eg, cash book, drinks for meetings
  • Supplies (eg, seed packets, labels, pens)
  • A 'float' (a supply of change for stall holders and the people collecting entry fees)
  • Event insurance

Expect to earn money from:

  • Entry fees
  • Stalls
  • Sales (eg of plants)
  • Seed donations
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