Date and venue

Good times of year and convenient locations

By Lindy Sharpe

First, decide when you want to have the Swap. Good times are October/November, after the growing season has ended, when people have had time to collect and prepare their seeds, or February/March, when people are starting to think about the new growing season.

Then decide on the size and type of venue you want, and book it early. Consider how many visitors you are likely to get, and how accessible the venue is. Make sure it has the sort of layout and facilities you need. For example, is there a separate room where talks can be held or films shown, away from the hubbub of the main seed swap? Is there a kitchen or somewhere you can serve food and wash up? If you want a crèche, is there a safe room, and does the venue have the necessary insurance?

Try to find a venue that recognizes that Seed Swapping is a good cause and doesn't charge you, or gives a discount. If you have to pay a deposit, and you don't have access to any cash at this stage, you might be to get a small grant from the local council or some other fund-giving body (there are directories of these in public libraries, but applying can be time-consuming). Another possibility is sponsorship from a local firm, to help get you started.

Make sure you know when you are allowed into the building, what the storage arrangements are, and where to pick up and return the keys. Check the toilet facilities, and find out whose responsibility it is to clean up.

This page was added on 25/01/2008.