Questions to discuss about your seed swap

By Lindy Sharpe

When you have made contact with enough interested people, organize a meeting to discuss what you want your seed swap to be like.

Questions to consider include:

  • Where and when will it take place?
  • Will it just be a seed swap, or will you have stalls as well? Remember, it is illegal to sell or buy unlisted seeds, though it is legal to swap them and grow them. But you can sell other things - locally grown vegetables, for example. (See the list of previous Seedy Sunday stall holders in the 2007 Seedy Sunday programme).
  • Will you have refreshments, and if so will you organize these yourselves or ask a local caterer to take charge?
  • Will you have talks, films or demonstrations on topics that might interest seed swappers? (See the sample Seedy Sunday programme)
  • What about a crèche, so parents can enjoy the talks or browse the stall in peace? Or activities for children such as face-paining, mask-making, etc

All of these activities add to the pleasure and usefulness of the day, and are likely to increase the number of people who attend. They also make money, which you will need to cover your costs. But they obviously require more organizing.

Once you have decided what activities you want, break down the tasks involved, and decide who will be responsible for what.

Arrange to have regular meetings -say monthly at first, but more frequently as the event draws closer - to make sure the arrangements stay on track. Use the Action Planner to make sure you don't lose track of anything.

This page was added on 25/01/2008.