Suppliers and sources of useful information


Agroforestry Research Trust
Information and supplies of fruit trees and other crops

Biodynamic Agriculture Association
For information on biodynamic farming, a form of organic agriculture based on the holistic approach developed by Rudolf Steiner

Corn Sex
For a brilliant description of how maize (the first crop to be hybridized, in the 1920s) pollinates and how plant reproduction has been manipulated to serve the global food system, see The Omnivore's  Dilemma: the search for a perfect meal in a fast food world, by Michael Pollan (Bloomsbury, 2006)

Eco-logic Books
Mail order specialist inbooks that provide practical solutions to environmental problems

Fatal Harvest
Essays on food by more than 30 authors, subtitled 'The tragedy of industrial agriculture'

Future Foods
Portal to a selection of heritage seed suppliers

Garden Organic
(formerly HDRA): Researches and promotes organic growing. Good fact sheets, especially on compost making, and runs the Heritage Seed Library (see below)

HDRA (Henry Doubleday Research Association)
Now called Garden Organic, see above.

Heritage Seed Library
Preserves seeds of disappearing vegetable varieties and makes them available to growers. Annual membership (£20) includes six sets of seeds from the 200 open-pollinated varieties in the catalogue. Also runs informal seed swap between members

Kokopelli Association
(formerly Terredesemences): French biodiversity organization, supplies organic seeds

Supplier of probiotic-based garden products, including kitchen waste composting

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI)
Non-profit organization to help people reduce their impact on the environment, including by organic gardening.

Organic Gardening
Monthly magazine for organics

Plants for a Future
Vegan-organic-permaculture resource centre on edible, incredible and medicinal plants

Primal Seeds
Network to actively engage in protecting biodiversity, especially the seed supply, and resist 'industrial biopiracy'

Real Seeds
Mail order seed catalogue selling only open-pollinated varieties. Mine of information on seed collecting and growing

Seedsavers Exchange
US based organization that has been seed swapping since 1975.

Seeds by Size
Mail order vegetable seeds from intriguingly crowded lists

Seed Swaps has a useful section on seedswaps, listing networks of seed swappers worldwide

Thomas Etty
Supplier of heritage veg seeds of wondrous variety

The Windowbox Allotment
A blog/ how to guide to growing vegetables and herbs when all you have is a windowbox

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