On the day

A floor manager and a to-do list

By Lindy Sharpe

Well, we'll say it: keep calm and enjoy the event! Here's another checklist to help, but events often take on a life of their own.

It's important to be clear beforehand about who is responsible for what (see the Just before the day checklist) - this avoids a lot of headless chicken scenarios. (The blue-arsed fly scenarios are unavoidable.) It might help to appoint a 'floor manager' for the day - someone who know who is responsible for what, what goes where, and when things are supposed to happen - a sort of central clearing person for information. Then if anything goes awry, you need only tell this one person, rather than trying to tell everybody you think might need to know.

On the Day:

  • Set up early. Get the tables in place before the stallholders arrive, and get all the stalls set up before the doors open for business.
  • Set up the Seed Swap table, centre stage. Put up conspicuous signs - this is the star attraction and people need to be able to find it. On the other hand, some people who come won't even know what a seed swap is, so have leaflets and people on hand to explain.
  • Make sure the crèche sets up in its appointed place, at the appointed time.
  • Get the café / kitchen set up in good time. If you are doing the refreshments yourselves, the kitchen staff will need to make an early start, with as much advance preparation as possible.
  • Look after the signage - there should be clear signs for the Seed Swap stall, the toilets, the crèche, the speakers, the café, the stalls, the exit.
  • Check how the money is being kept. Stalls will need secure containers, and someone should be responsible for collecting takings and providing change and cash floats.
  • Set up the AV equipment and check it's working.
  • Make sure someone is ready on the door at start time, supplied with a hand stamp, a cash float and leaflets about your Seed Swap group.
  • Make sure speakers / performers / demonstrators are looked after when they arrive, know where to go and have what they need. Keep them running to time! Remember to pay them.
  • Make sure all helpers, including volunteers, know what they are doing. You will need a few general runners, and lots of people to clear up. Feed them!
  • Close at the appointed time, so people have time to clear up.
  • Make sure the venue is left as you found it, and is locked up securely. Ensure that hired equipment is being returned or collected on time.
  • This page was added on 26/01/2008.