Just before the day

A final checklist and meeting

By Lindy Sharpe

Have a meeting just before the event. The person responsible for each different area should have confirmed the arrangements s/he is responsible for. It's important to make a final check that the venue, the speakers and everybody who is renting you equipment still have the date in their diaries - don't rely on arrangements made weeks or months earlier. The following checklist may be useful, but you will probably have other things specific to your event or venue that you need to add.

Just Before the Day:

  • Are the posters and flyers are all out?
  • Are the speakers confirmed and travel / accommodation arrangements in place?
  • Are the press releases done and sent out?
  • Do you have enough seeds? Are they sorted into containers (such as shoe boxes) by type of vegetable, so people can browse in a reasonably orderly way?
  • Do you have a cash float and enough money to pay expenses and fees on the day?
  • Are the refreshments organized - either confirmed with the caterer, or, if you are doing it yourselves, the food and equipment organized, the prices agreed and enough people allocated to run it?
  • Who is looking after event insurance / health and safety / fire regulations?
  • Is the crèche is confirmed?
  • Are there enough stalls to fill the venue? Are there enough tables or are stallholders bringing their own? Have they all paid?
  • Is the layout of the hall organized? You should have a rough idea of where each stall will go
  • Is the AV hire confirmed, and collection arranged?
  • Is someone looking after the rooms for the speakers and activities, and looking after the speakers/performers when they arrive?
  • Do you have enough volunteers? Who is organizing them on the day?
  • Do you all know when you need to be at the venue (well before the advertised start time)
  • Do you have signs for use at the event, or materials to make them?
  • Who is going to sit at the door collecting entry fees?
  • Does everyone know when it is their turn to look after the Seed Swap stall?
  • Who is in charge of clearing up? Locking up venue? Dealing with the takings?
  • Maybe appoint a 'floor manager' for the day - someone who knows who should be where when, a sort of central clearing person for information.
  • This page was added on 26/01/2008.