How they can help and how to support them

By Lindy Sharpe

Given that your organizing group is likely to be quite small, you will probably need to recruit volunteers to help, especially with publicity and running the event on the day.

Think about the skills you need and try to match them with people who want to get involved. If you have volunteer fundraisers, writers, publicists, IT or audio-visual experts, caterers or just effective hustlers, give them specific jobs that use their skills. Apart from this, you will need volunteers who are simply willing to fetch and carry as necessary.

Volunteers can help with:

  • Distributing leaflets and posters
  • Putting flyers through people's doors
  • Fundraising
  • Writing and publicity
  • Recruiting and organizing seed savers
  • Organizing the venue layout
  • Getting and organizing stallholders
  • Getting and organizing speakers
  • Organizing the crèche
  • Helping to set up and clear away on the day
  • Looking after speakers/performers on the day
  • Running activities, such as seed-related activities for children
  • In other words, with everything! But stay in charge - volunteers need to be organized, and you need to know what they are doing. Conversely, volunteers need to know which group member to ask for help when they are stuck or need a decision. Always be clear about who is responsible for what. Volunteers are vital and hard-working, so be appreciative, and remember to provide them with food and drink on the day.

    This page was added on 26/01/2008.