Do you need one? Who can run one?

By Lindy Sharpe

This is only appropriate if you run a large event. Even then, you need to ask whether you need a crèche, and whether you can afford one. They are expensive, and an added responsibility. But they are of great benefit to some people. If you decide to go ahead, check that the venue allows you to have a crèche, and ensure that there is a safe, suitable room.

  • Look up mobile crèche providers in your area (eg in local directories) or ask people who have organized similar events who they used. Satisfy yourself that they are suitably qualified and insured.
  • You need to consider the age of the children you will provide a crèche for (this affects the carer: child ratio), the number of children the crèche can hold at any one time, and how many hours the crèche will run for - all make a difference to the costs.
  • Invite the crèche providers to inspect the venue's facilities.
  • Will the children need refreshments? Who will provide these?
  • Book in advance.
This page was added on 26/01/2008.