What do you need?

By Lindy Sharpe

While you are planning the event, make a list of things you will need to provide on the day. Check with the venue to see what it supplies: does it have enough chairs and tables? Where are these stored? When can you get access to set them up? Does it have crockery, cutlery? All of these things can be hired (check the Internet, Yellow Pages and local directories for local suppliers.) Book all hire equipment well in advance, and be clear about what the drop off/collection and return arrangements are. If possible, have equipment delivered the day before the event, so you can set it up in advance, but be wary of leaving hired AV equipment out of your sight, in case of theft. Appoint someone to bring miscellaneous supplies on the day (there are never enough pens and someone always needs a pair of scissors).

The sort of things you are likely to need include:

  • Tables / stalls
  • Chairs for stallholders
  • Money tins
  • Door entry stamp (easier than tickets)
  • Signs for Seed Swap table, refreshments, activities, etc
  • Materials for making signs at the last minute (thick markers, card, Blu-tak)
  • Leaflets about your group and about seed-swapping, to give out at the door
  • Pens and paper so people can exchange names, addresses and information
  • Stationery (for contacting people, confirming arrangements)
  • Café supplies (eg, urn, crockery, as well as any drinks / foods you plan to serve)
  • Tables / chairs for refreshment area and performance area
  • Audio-visual equipment, if you are having films / speakers (see below)
  • Whatever is needed by your speakers/performers (table, chair, changing room)
  • Rubbish / recycling bags, for clearing up
AV equipment

If you are having speakers, when you book them ask what sort of equipment they have, and find out exactly what you need to provide. If they are bringing laptops, make sure you set up a table for them next to a socket. You may need to hire a projector, and you may need a microphone. If you are hiring a film, book both the film and the necessary equipment (screen, projector) in advance. Allow plenty of time to set up the AV equipment - it is a notorious cause of delay and dissatisfaction. Return it promptly to avoid paying a fine.

This page was added on 26/01/2008.