Run your own

There are lots of good reasons for organizing a Community Seed Swap in your area:

  • Swapped seeds are FREE
  • They are likely to be well-suited to your local growing conditions
  • They often come with first-hand advice on how to grow them
  • Seed swapping helps protect plant biodiversity
  • Community Seed Swaps are great places for meeting local people with a shared interest in growing food and protecting the environment
  • Seed Swaps can become exchanges for all sorts of useful local knowledge, as well as seeds.

If our experience is anything to go by, you will be amazed at the amount of interest and knowledge you find yourself tapping into.

Like any event, Seed swaps require advance planning. We have drawn on our experience to produce these pages, which aim to guide you through the steps necessary to running a successful and enjoyable event.

Page link: Getting started
Getting started
Four ingredients for a successful seed swap
Page link: Meetings
Questions to discuss about your seed swap
Page link: Date and venue
Date and venue
Good times of year and convenient locations
Page link: Finances
What will you spend? What can you earn money from?
Page link: Stalls
The Seed Swap stall and other stalls
Page link: Equipment
What do you need?
Page link: Refreshments
Doing it yourself and getting a caterer
Page link: Crèche
Do you need one? Who can run one?
Page link: Talks and films
Talks and films
Why include them? How to organise them?
Page link: Fundraising
Applying for grants and other options
Page link: Publicity
What to say and how to say it
Page link: Volunteers
How they can help and how to support them
Page link: Just before the day
Just before the day
A final checklist and meeting
Page link: On the day
On the day
A floor manager and a to-do list
Page link: The day after
The day after
Have a rest! And what to do next...
Page link: Seed Swap action planner
Seed Swap action planner
Print this form and fill it in